Lonsdale Wrecks

Location: Point Lonsdale
State: VIC
Max Depth: 12
Average Depth: 6
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT/SHORE
Directions: The reef in fron of the Point Lonsdale Light House.
Wreck Description: Over time there were many wrecks to be lost on this notourious piece of reef at the entrance to Port Phillip Heads. Some of the wrecks are the Gleneuse, George Roper, Gange, Holyhead, Blackboy. These are only some of the wrecks that go to make up this lovely site Some very learned people think they know which wreck is what out there and unless it is important to you I don't think that it matters. In short it is a lovely site where there are wrecks laying on top of wrecks which are beside wrecks and behind wrecks. Regrettably this location is tide, wind and current dependant and should only be dived when there is no swell (almost never at Port Phillip Heads) and there is an outward running tide, all matched with no wind or a very light northerly. When all this comes together it is a very intriging dive. Our little group of divers always maintain that we find all of these conditions coming together only about once a year for us. It certainly is rare. Well what will you see when you get there. There are lots of items of cargo that have remained there for now a hundred and better years. Amongst all of the items can still be found china, glass, and cuterly items. Like all ship wrecks in Australia these are look but don't touch things. One of these ships was carrying railway line into Victoria and the railway line lays on the bottom of the ocean just like a pile of pick up sticks would at the beginning of a game. Naturally the fish life here is abundant and more than I could name in a few paragraphs so be surfice to say my favourite in this location is to find and play with a cuttlefish or two. These are magnificent creatures and you can almost tame them. (Maybe that is just the narcosis talking) but it does almost feel like that. Also I have to mention the Leafy Sea Dragon and the Sea Horse are also found prolificly here. Leafy Sea Dragons if not seen before when diving can easily be passed up for just sea weed so is their camoflague.