SS Casino

Location: Apollo Bay
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1932
Vessel Type: Steamer
Construction Material: Iron
Max Depth: 9
Average Depth: 7
Average Visibility: 5
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT/SHORE
Directions: Launch at Apollo Bay boat ramp and motor over to Wild Dog Creek or swim to the wreck directly out from Wild Dog Creek. DGP readings. Lat 38 44' 36'S Long 143 40' 45"E or about 400 metres directly off shore from Wild Dog Creek.
Wreck Description: Length in m 48.88992 Beam in m 7.34568 Draft in m 3.10896 Engine specification Inverted two cylinder compound engine 17 1/2" x 36 1/" x 24" stroke, 65 HP, single ended boiler 120lb per sq inch, grate surface 45 sq The Casino was an iron steamship which transported cargo and passengers between Port Fairy mostly but Portland and Melbourne, calling at Apollo Bay, Port Fairy, and Portland with occasional stops at Lorne, and Warrnambool. She was wrecked when trying to dock at Apollo Bay and an anchor line fowled her prop. She bounced hard on her own anchor and punctured her hull. The captain eventually decided to make a run out of port not knowing the damage to her hull when they fowled the ancholr chain and the rest is as they say history. She foundered where is lies today and rolled to her port side with the stern closer to the shore and the bow pretty much pointing out to sea. Her remains are about 50 metres and scattered but there is good definition of her shape,being able to see her rudder, boilers, many ribs mast, engine, and the bow section. Other features of the site include lifeboat davits, bollards masts, and small artifacts. Sometimes from under burried sand items of cargo may still be found. These can be anything from papers, to bottles and other small things. Viz on this dive can be variable and the surge of the sea is almost always present, which can and does often lift the sand from the bottom. Due to the shallowness of this dive it is one that you can have a very long bottom time on and after a swim from the beach that is possibly a good time to have a rest before the swim back. This is a safe dive at almost anytime. Use your own discression however and make a judgement on the day. The only real item to think about is what the viz might be and if there is a sea running then there is little reason to want to dive this wreck as the viz will be perhaps only one metre. You can make this judgement at the beach looking into the surf. Surf cloudy then don't go.