Eliza Ramsden

Location: Queenscliff
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1875
Vessel Type: Barque
Construction Material: Iron
Max Depth: 22
Average Depth: 17
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Charter Boat from Queenscliff or Portsea. Your own boat with the correct permits etc.
Wreck Description: Country built Scotland Port Built Whiteinch, Glasgow When Built 1874 Length in m 46.20768 Beam in m 8.2296 Draft in m 4.572 This wreck was originally an iron barque. She was sailing from Melbourne to Newcastle when in leaving the notorious Port Phillip Heads she hit Corsair Rock and did damage to her self. The captain turned her around and tried to make a run for port but only got to where she is today before turning her towards the shore and hoped to run her aground. Well the idea was there but he was still in 20 metres of water when she went down. Thus today she is on the edge of the shipping channel and over the years has taken more that a few blasts of powder to get most of her out of the channel. Thus doday she has a full bow section and at about mid ships she just vanishes. That doesn't matter as the bow is just magnificient rising from the sandy bottom up to a magnificient bow spit. Many a time I have seen photographers with their models pressed with their tanks against this magnificient bow in an attempt to look like a figure head under the bow spit. The wreck coz of all the blasting is expremely open. No super structure is left other than for a closed hatch in the bow section that one and every wants to be the first to open. Me thinks that the mystique will be lost if it is ever opened and therefore hope that it remains closed for ever. I returned to dive on her in Jan 99 for the first time in many years and was amazed to find her in perfect condition with no sign of deterioration. A credit given the number of divers that crawl all over her each weekend. This is a tricky dive to organise as it requires a very good understanding of the Port Phillip Heads and the tides. It is only a slack water dive and as such you have a corridoor of about 15 to 20 minutes when the tide is slack and it is safe to dive. Shipping must be non existant on this dive with no shipping coming or going out of the heads for not less than an hour and a half either side of your proposed dive entry and exit. Lastly you need a permit. If you want to dive it it is better orgainsed with a charter operator.