Location: Queenscliff
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1928
Vessel Type: Steamer
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 34
Average Depth: 30
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Charter boat from Queenscliff or Portsea. Your own boat from either of the above or from Ocean Grove.
Wreck Description: Country built England Port Built Sunderland When Built 1887 Port Registered Melbourne Length in m 68.58 Beam in m 9.20496 Draft in m 4.1148 The Coogee is a wonderfully colourful dive. She is almost upright with a list to port on a sandy bottom. The bow rails are very similar to those on the film Titanic in fact so close that one may even think that the movie makers copied them. It is interesting to have watched divers on this wreck over the years stand at the bow rails and do a Kate Blanchart trick by looking into the pretend distance. Again one might think the movie makers copied what has been happening down on the Coogee for years. She started life out as a cargo ship but later was fitted out to run the lucrative bay steamer run of shifting passengers and cargo's around Port Phillip Bay. During WW1 the Admiralty took her over and after that she didn't really return to useful service. Circa 1927 she was put down to the bottom and then rediscoverd a heap of years later for us divers to enjoy. The hull has a lot of lovely weed growing inside of her, and atracts a lot of fish. This is a must do dive and there is no longer any real penetrations left to do on her. The stern decks collapsed a few years ago in a heavy spring sea, and although they resemble a pile of steel plates are quie safe and remain pretty flat. A very safe wreck to swim on and around and one that must be visited time and time again to see all of her. Most divers new to her swim quickly around her in their short bottom time and think they have seen her all. My log todate shows 30 dives on her and I am still learning about her beauty and splendor.