Broken Sub

Location: Queenscliff
State: VIC
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 38
Average Depth: 32
Average Visibility: 15
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Charter boat from Queenscliff of from Portsea.
Wreck Description: This is the deepest of the three ocean subs. As the name implyies she is broken. This was due to the extensive explosives used to scuttle her. Sadly they blew the bottom clean out of her just behind the conning tower. The conning tower sits at about 45 degreees and diving around this area ofers the best value for bottom time. This wreck due to the jaggered steel is not a good wreck to penetrate even by experienced divers in anything less than absolute ideal conditions. Invertrate life is very typical to the other two subs however the fish life is extra ordinarily with many schooling fish hanging around this wreck A good dive to do when every thing is okay and shipping is light to non existant. Not a dive that is done often but one not to be missed if you can get the chance.