Sanko Harvest

Location: Recharge Archipelego, Esperance
State: WA
Date Sank: 1989????
Vessel Type: Fertilizer Tanker
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 55
Average Depth: 30
Average Visibility: 40
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: South of Mondrain Island.
Wreck Description: The Sanko Harvest was a a hug fertilizer tanker untill it sank amongst the islands of the recharge archipelago located off the coast of esperance. The Skipper of the vessel tried to take a shortcut through the islands and deviated of the main shipping channel. He was later jailed for his actions. The wreck was a disaster with alot of fertilizer spilling inot the water. Now it is without a doubt the best wreck dive in WA. Due to the granite rocks and coarse sand the vis is usually around 40m and the deep cold water is home to many huge fish. Alot of big wetsren blue groper inhabit the wreck, along with huge schools of queen snapper and huge southern rock lobster. It has a fishing exclusion zone so it should stay that way for a long time to come. I've heard it is the second biggest accessible dive wreck in the world behing the president coolidge in truk lagoon. Everyone should do it atleast twice. (although it takes along time to see it all)