Location: Bunbury
State: WA
Date Sank: 2003
Vessel Type: Captured Fishing boat
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 18
Average Depth: 18
Average Visibility: 30
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Bunbury Dive Charters know where it is.
Wreck Description: The Lena was a fishing boat captured by the RAN in 2000. It was handed to Bunbury along with one other that went to Geraldton. It is an excellent beginner dive with fish already moving in after 2 months. Some of the species seen ....Wraase, Boar fish, Gurnard Perch, Bulleyes Garfish and massive schools of bait fish. Worth the trip from Bunbury. I would recomend doing the dive with Bunbury dive charters.