Korean Star

Location: Cape Cuvier North of Carnarvon
State: WA
Date Sank: 1988
Vessel Type: Salt carrier
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 12
Average Depth: 10
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Ship lies at the bottom of the Cape Cuvier 100kms North of Carnarvon. Track Access via the "Blowholes Rd " takes 1 1/2hours.Turn off directly after the 2nd Haul Rd (road for the Gypsum mine to loading jetty).4wd needed for last 500m down the access track of the cliff.
Wreck Description: Ship was a salt carrier until during a cyclone in may 1988 Unladened and unable to manouverwas washed onto the cliff face , despite the best efforts of the crews of both the ship and the tug boats she was wrecked and broke up. Now sitting in 10-12 meters of water it has become a haven for large cod and groupers as well as tons of other marine life.The wreck itself has broken up quite a lot over the last 5 or so years but still parts of the ship defy mother nature and remain in tact. Diving this wreck brings its own unquie problems and barriers. The swells that crash into the coast line are at time incredible and claim the lives of fishermen every so often. Access into and out of the water is the most difficult part of this dive, it is in short a calculated jump to enter the water and a mad scramble between the crashing wave to exit. NOT FOR THE INEXPERENCED OR FAINT HEARTED. Must only be attempted in times of minimal swell. Other problems include surge and the ever present sharks that seem to frequent the area (the famous Garths Rock is 500 meters to the south).