Location: Dunsbrough
State: WA
Date Sank: 1997
Vessel Type: Submarine Destroyer Escort
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 31
Average Depth: 26
Average Visibility: 19
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Aprox 1.5 kms North(0 deg) from Meelup Beach, Dunsborough. There are several bouys to mark the wreck.
Wreck Description: An excellent dive for all levels. The "wreck" can be seen from the surface under all conditions, (if you can't see it, it's not there) the crows nest is at 8 metres(a good deco stop site), the sand is at 31 metres. An average penetration dive will take you to 26.5 metres. The Bridge is at 18mts where you can sit in the Captans seat still. (the growth is now flourishing - finally the ocean has accepted her as 'one of its own')The growth has started on most of the ship. The 50 odd holes cut into the sides makes it a very safe penetration dive. At this stage, the fish life is a little scarce(the fish life has greatly increased, now with @ 150 different species calling her home), but, it is getting better with several large Samsons, Mullaway, schools of Whiting & Bullseyes etc.(now a school of 25 - 30 Batfish are permanent residents, along with a large group of Globe fish populating the bow area, WA Blue Devilfish, Cuttlefish all hide inside) There are two dive operaters in Dunsbrough (Cape dive & Bay dive) and more in Busselton (The dive shed & Naturaliste Dive Academy)) who dive the HMAS SWAN, all have a good crew with new boats. A Permit is required to dive with a private boat or take one of the Charters.