Thoughts on a dive boat?

5 years 4 months ago #292989 by scubaal
scubaal replied the topic: Thoughts on a dive boat?
Hi I was the OP and just came across this post while a few minutes ago. Thought I'd give you an update. In the end I boat a second hand 2005 websters twinfisher 5.2m cuddy and love it.
Great compromise between a practical dive boat and one you can use for other things.
We have skied and tubed behind it (family skiing not pro stuff) Tows
behind a BIG car or a small 4WD. Took off all the fishing crap - eg burley bucket and bait board and added a scuba ladder that I had to import from the US.
(it's really hard to buy an aluminium ladder in various people will offer to make you one....maybe.....but in the end I just bought the pre bult one in the US)
Also just bought tank rack clips as well.
Best of all the guy I bought it from was really anal about stuff so it's got a really well looked after 115 2 stroke Yam.
Next time I remember I might post some piccies...but for now I can thoroughly recommended a TF for diving + other stuff if that's your thing.
Shame they went bust but there is a post on their website from July from 2012 which indicates they're back.....does anyone know if that's true (I've heard it before)


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5 years 3 months ago #293139 by jugglematt
jugglematt replied the topic: Thoughts on a dive boat?
i re read some of the posts on dive boats

yeah the last time i checked websters are still in receivership, but if you look around u can still get one 2nd hand.
i have a 4.6m boat ( BENDER) and the more i use it the happier i am with it .

also i use a big fishing float to retrieve my anchor , this is soo easy and reduces stress on the body after a dive . once you get the hang of using the float you will NEVER go back to retrieving your anchor the old way .

i have a mate who owns a metal engineering company who can make dive ladders for boats , he also is a diver so he understands how strong they need to be , based in Nowra
O'Donnell Marine & Metal Fabrications
4423 0630


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5 years 3 months ago #293141 by AB
AB replied the topic: Thoughts on a dive boat?
I've found the divers T ladder to accommodate fins is of little use on most small dive boats. In most cases, you can't get on the boat with your fins on so there isn't much point in a ladder to accommodate fins. Also, typically the divers ladder has a single mounting point at the top, which wears over a few years and causes an unsettling side to side movement when boarding.

My current boat came with a traditional side rail and rung ladder which I've come to love over the 11 years (and almost 4000 dives) we have been using it. No side movement and a pleasure to use, even for a frail 60 year old woman who had never gotten out of the water with her tank on before. The critical things are that the ladder is long enough so you don't have to lift your leg too high, and good hand rails.


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