Important to be a strong swimmer when diving?

3 years 1 week ago #300943 by AB
AB replied the topic: Important to be a strong swimmer when diving?
A couple of killers in scuba diving are panic and unfitness. People panic mostly because they lose the confidence to save themselves. Basic water abilities, including swimming and breath hold, can give divers confidence to spend a bit more time sorting out their problem and survive. Lack of confidence will cause early panic and this is why divers should feel confident and comfortable in the water. Fitness, especially as the average diver ages, is becoming a major cause of fatalities. Some level of fitness should be required to gain certification, and many would argue, to keep it. Operators would be wise to question the fitness of some divers, and the agencies standard of a 200 metre swim would seem a reasonable requirement.

I feel for the Swede, and am surprised the instructor didn't offer to help out in some way, but in the end, may have saved the kid if he couldn't develop confidence in the water. But the same question can be asked for a significant percentage of current divers, are you fit enough to be confident in the water?


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