Allergies/Head Cold

1 year 7 months ago #302431 by braden101
braden101 created the topic: Allergies/Head Cold
Ok so i know this has probably been covered countless times. I am well aware of the risks, have done my research and if i wasn't at the tail end of this cold, i wouldn't even be considering the dive.

I am able to breathe through both nostrils with no medication, i just have some slight residual sinus discomfort and bit of mucus. I think its more just left over irritation and dryness than anything serious.

I am flying overseas to Talumben, Bali to do a 2 day advanced diving course in a few days and am still in half a mind to cancel the course and just attempt a fun dive if I havn't fully cleared up (I really just don't want to be that one guy holding up the whole class with his sinus issues haha)

My question is, I was going to use the plane ride to gauge my ability to equalise. If i have no real issues flying with no medications, am i safe to assume i will most likely okay to dive? or is that a dangerous assumption?

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1 year 7 months ago #302435 by AB
AB replied the topic: Allergies/Head Cold
Each cold and person varies dramatically, so no one would tell you it would be ok. This is something only you can assess. Constricted sinuses can bleed which adds to the congestion. There are medications, but most have some contraindications for diving. You have to assess and accept the risks!

I went to Vanuatu with a remnant cold, and, before we flew up to the Coolidge, we did a dive on the Star of Russia. I cleared ok and had a comfortable dive, but when I went to ascend I felt my teeth were being pushed out! I got to 5 metres with a fair bit of pain, and when my tank got low I realised I had to ascend. At 3 metres I felt something give, the pain subsided and as I ascended my mask half filled with blood and mucus. I thought my holiday was over. A couple of days later I had a trouble free dive on the Coolidge, and was right for the rest of the week, but it could just as easily gone the other way!


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1 year 7 months ago #302459 by wade85
wade85 replied the topic: Allergies/Head Cold
I had 30 days through Asia last year with a constant lingering aircon cold. I knew the risks. Didnt take anything but after each dive I was pushing out LOTS of snot.

Each person is different

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