Dive Clubs - Melbourne/Peninsula

3 weeks 23 hours ago #303691 by Mhowells13
Mhowells13 created the topic: Dive Clubs - Melbourne/Peninsula
Just getting back into the water with no dive buddies in Melbourne. Can anyone recommend any good Melbourne Metro/peninsula/westernport dive clubs ? preferably non commercial? I have found a few after google searches but dont have a great sense of which ones are good and have decent membership bases.

Apologies if this covers other forum ground, i have searched but cant find anything specific

Thanks in Advance !

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3 weeks 18 hours ago #303692 by AB
AB replied the topic: Dive Clubs - Melbourne/Peninsula
Melbourne has a number of independent dive clubs, some Uni based and some are groups of like minded divers organising activities for their members. Uni's include, la Trobe, Melbourne, RMIT, and to a limited extent, Monash. The independent private clubs are Black Rock, Getunder, and Victorian Sub Aqua Group. and they all have slightly different interests. Black Rock are famous for hunting and collecting. Getunder have more general interests, including some hunting, Photography, and a strong tech group. VSAG are a more general mix with less tech.

I must disclose that I am a Getunder committee member, and we are looking for new members. The Uni's, except Monash, have their own boats, and the other clubs organise regular dives from members boats. Getunder and VSAG work very closely together, often combining activities and sharing divers between boats. Typically, we leave from either Sorrento or Queenscliff for double dives, and everybody is expected to contribute to the running of the day. i.e. launching, driving, and retrieving and cleaning the boats, taking turns to organise dives and social events.

Cost of running the events is shared, usually meaning very cheap diving, but be aware, there are no dive masters, so you need to look after yourself. Members mentor newbies to get them up to speed above and under the surface. We have club rules and follow the SDFV Codes of Practice, and have very good safety records over the 60+ years clubs have existed. Being independent and having small boats also means we can dive anywhere, so Phillip Island, Wilson's Prom, and sites in SA and NSW appear on our calendars.

Join our Facebook groups and make yourself known, and ask to attend an event or dive, you will be most welcome! Starting Feb, we have monthly meetings in Melbourne, with excellent Guest Speakers. If you want to see what club diving is like, go to my Vimeo page, vimeo.com/home/myvideos/page:1/sort:date/format:video and check out the dozens of local and interstate dive videos.

I believe clubs offer the best diving experiences available, and you will develop self reliance, so give it a go!


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1 week 6 days ago #303699 by lloyd_borrett
lloyd_borrett replied the topic: Dive Clubs - Melbourne/Peninsula
Try VSAG, www.vsag.org.au .
There is also the Bass Strait Aquatic Club, www.bsac.org.au , plus Getunder.

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