Beuchat - go or no go?

2 years 1 month ago #301950 by Padi Wagon
Padi Wagon created the topic: Beuchat - go or no go?
So I'm looking to buy regs and bcd, my first scuba kit. I've decided it's worth investing in some quality gear for recreational diving instead of paying $70 rental every time I wanna jump off a pier.
I've been talking to some locals, a couple dive shops, everyone's got their opinions and many of them contradict each other, while many truths remain consistent.
I'm not in a position to blow a huge budget, but have come across what appears to be a ripper deal on some gear by Beuchat. The regs I am interested in are either the2016 VTR90, or the VT200hf. Both seem quality, with the VT200 having the intake adjustment as well as venturi assist, which they both have.
I have 3 main questions:Firtstly, who has experience with recent Beuchat regs and products? Are they good quality, is servicing them in Victoria going to be a problem as they don't seem to be sold commonly yet have a great reputation in Europe? And in real world terms, how much do I really need the flow adjustment feature given that the VTR90 first stage is over balanced so should compensate nicely when increased airflow is required?
Any tips, advice and experience would be greatly appreciated. If this gear is as good as the competition (within rec limits, i'm not going off into the abyss any time soon), it will be an excellent purchase, instead of buying lower performing gear from more common locally stocked brands that for my budget offer lower performance. If it's something to shy away from or be wary of, I'd like to know that too.
for the record, the guys i'm dealing with are very genuine and appear honest and knowledgable and I have no reason to doubt their word. I just wonder why the brand isn't more readily available and stocked and is there a reason for this that suggests i should invest elsewhere?
all replies greatly appreciated, thanks in advance everyone!

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2 years 4 weeks ago #301951 by The Padi Police
The Padi Police replied the topic: Beuchat - go or no go?
What's the price difference between the Beuchats and a set of Apeks XTX50s from one of the more competitive online suppliers?

Beuchat is an unknown quantity in Australia, parts may be available now but in 5 or 10 years........who knows?

You don't need the adjustment knob, just learn to control your breathing rate.

If you want a budget high performance reg have a look at HOG. I'm sure Chrisso will send one to you to try out.

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2 years 4 weeks ago #301953 by Padi Wagon
Padi Wagon replied the topic: Beuchat - go or no go?
Thanks Padi Police. You are right about Beuchat being an unknown here. To clarify, I'm not actually looking at them because of the price. I initially bought a cressi Ellipse/mc9 on crazy sale as it was the last in stock. I added a secondary and spg, done. Turned out that last reg wasn't in stock after all, so as an alternative I was offered the Beuchat which is (on paper) of a similar spec and retail price.
But you are not the first to warn caution, and I am heeding that. You are also not the first to recommend the xtx50, and I have also proposed to them that I go the xtx50/40 combo, and kick in the extra $110 between the full retail cos of my original order and the apeks. I think this is a fair and reasonable suggestion, keeping in mind neither the Beuchat or Apeks is on sale I am still getting a real bargain. Will be interesting now to see if they will allow a similar trade off with their Apex branded gear or if it is on Beuchat they will allow to let go like that.

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