Dive-Oz Moving forward and completing the transition & upgrade

Doing this upgrade has been a huge mountain of work already, there is no easy way to automate the transfer of information from the old site to the new, it nearly all has to be done by hand, copy paste and so on. A number of areas of the old site were deemed to be not worth rebuilding here in the new site, based on usage stats from Google Analytics etc, so they just won't be migrated across, you won't miss them it seems.

Below I will endeavour to outline what still needs to be migrated, and what needs to be done to make that happen and possible the time frame for this to happen, though, with anything, no promises on the time frame. The main priority is making sure what is here already, runs well and is as issue free as possible.

The Information Directories - Dive Sites, Wrecks, Shops, Boats, Clubs etc

The biggest area to migrate, the data is actually sitting here in the new site, it is just not "formatted" the way I would like it displayed, this will involve learning a new language to create a display template, I just don't have time for that right now so will be one of the medium term projects for completion. if you are fluent in XSL, contact me, we need to talk LOL. I also want to integrate Google Maps for everything as well, and that is going to take some work. So, a massive upgrade to all the info directories, but it will take some time to do that.

Gear Reviews

Not going to bother to migrate those across, the gear is ancient and all superseded, we may decide to start a new gear review area sometime in the future but for now, the information is too old to be worth the time and effort.

Nudibranch Creature Features

This is a great area and deserves to be migrated, but, it is a huge mountain of work to migrate and there are more important areas that need to be done first. They need to be checked to make sure links etc are still valid etc. It will be finally done eventually, though I may scale and condense it up.

Temperatures, Tides & Weather etc

Too easy to find this information elsewhere, won't be coming back unless I can find some automated plugin that can "gather" this information for me.

Web Links

This information goes out of date way too quick, got too many complaints about about out of date information, so this won't be making a re-appearance til a system exists that can self validate the links.

Image & Video Galleries

The current galleries won't come back, but, we will be looking at creating new ones, there is no time frame for this at this point, I am looking at systems that can automate this sort of thing.

Extreme Underwater Ironing

Hmmm, I think I'll toss a coin over that one, not a lot of work to do, but very low priority.

DIY Projects

Not very popular, they will not be coming across at this point.

Hand Signals Area

I cannot create a "test section" like we had in the old site for this as I don't code in PHP, so this will be scrapped.


That about covers what is left, wow, that's a lot still to get through, some things have higher priority over other things. We hope to have all returning sections back online in their new home within 6 months. If you would like to read about what is new and upgraded you can do so here.