Saturday, 22 November 2003 00:00

Manta Mania

By K Stretch - Auzzie Als Dive Adventures

I have been fortunate to dive some pretty spectacular dive locations in my diving life and as a keen underwater videographer/photographer I am always looking for the unusual. I have been living and diving the Bundaberg Coral Coast for seven years now and I am constantly amazed at the marine life this area can offer divers.

I have my favourite dive site which I never tire of and it seems no mater what time of the day or year it is, there is always something different. We have been very lucky to see two very special silver manta rays there, and over the last year we have seen them on almost every dive. They are very inquisitive and friendly and are always so content to stay with us throughout the dive. It almost seems as if they are showing off, and always put on such a wonderful show for my camera and more so if we have other divers with us.

Just recently we took out some divers from Brisbane, who had seen the silver mantas a few weeks previously. I hoped that we would see them again, but we were all overwhelmed when not only did we see the silver manta rays but they were accompanied by 5 black manta rays. We spent the whole dive just watching as they circled over us time and time again, each time coming just a little closer. It was such a thrilling experience, they were just magnificent to watch.

However I could not ignore the, sting rays, eagle rays, white tip shark, huge school of barracuda, at least 50 giant trevally, lots of estuary cod and one of the many Queensland groper that frequent this dive site that is so big he could eat me for breakfast if he choose too.

But that is the beauty of this site you never tire of what you see and there is always so much there.